Badminton – Know The Basics Of This Academy Sport

Badminton is one of the commonly played academy sports of all times. Male and female students, young and old alike, are fond of this. Intramurals and other sports festivals often include this in the list. Nevertheless, others consider this an exercise that lets them sweat out and shake off some unwanted fats.

It is even deemed to be the second best played sport in the world which takes its place after soccer. Also, badminton is the fastest racquet sport known to all. Generally, schools enlist their players in countless tournaments both regional and national.

All about Badminton

Badminton has been known in all and sundry since 1992 when both men and women were able to play it in singles or doubles. When done in a competitive nature, this sport requires the players to display high levels of agility, aerobic stamina, precision, strength, and speed. In the school, coaches train their players to develop the more sophisticated racquet movements.

Badminton and its Health Benefits

Basically, this game is best played indoors. In schools, students usually have the competitions indoors so the wind can’t bother them. However, it can be played outdoors specifically in the beach or in the garden as some form of recreational activity. Playing badminton is both fun and beneficial to the health. Why? It is because it lets you feel motivated, strong, and deal better with stress and anxiety so you can face the daily pressures in a more positive way.

Badminton Shots to Learn

The game is basically easy to play. For beginners, a couple of badminton lessons can teach them to play it like a pro. In schools, badminton coaches teach their players the necessary techniques, styles, and shots to use.

Speaking of shots, here are the ones that you may use during the game.

The drop shot. This shot is meant to let the shuttle cock just go over the other part of the net. This is often applied when the player stands at the front portion of the net and transfers the shuttle cock to the other side by hitting it lightly. This enables the opponent to make a run for it.

The drives. This is known as the power hit and used to aim at the opponent. The shot is indeed very low and often hits to the front part of the body. When executed, the opponent must prepare himself by putting the racquet up. It is quick and very precise so one must have a very good flex.

The long drops. This is the shot done when the player is at the back portion of the court. The one who prefers to counter it should hit it low so it will land just over the net. On the other hand, the receiver is then required to hit it high before it is too late.

The cleass. This is the shot used to have the opponent moving backwards.

Smashes. This shot is most popular and most feared because it is quick and hard.

As a non-contact academy sport, badminton is safe to play. Of course a couple of injuries can’t be avoided especially when the players make the wrong moves. Among the frequent injuries suffered by the players include twisting, falling, ankle, and knee sprains.

Hence, it matters that the proper shoes are worn as well as the knee pads, ankle guards, and wrist guards. Organizers are also advised to ensure that the floors are not that slippery or rough.

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